Manicures & Pedicures

All pedicures include nail shaping, cuticle detail, sole & heel conditioning, massage and polish. We only use the finest natural products and botanical oils are custom blended and used in all our manicures and pedicures treatments. Sanitation, disinfecting and sterilization are paramount to our process. A dental grade autoclave is used to steam sterilize all metal instruments. Your health and safety are primary concerns.

On the go

Manicure – 15mins $6 Pedicure – 20mins $12
In a hurry, our on the go treatment is the perfect quick fix! Clean, file & shape nails, follow with polish.

Cinderella (for kids under 10)

Manicure – 15mins $8 Pedicure – 20mins $18
For the perfect princess, create your prefect treatment with selecting your sense and creating your own sugar scrub. Follow with Priti NYC non-toxic organic polish.

Cucumber Melon

Manicure – 20mins $10 Pedicure – 30mins $24
Createto help you relax, this treatment will smoothed away and moisturize your skin and feet with the complex combination of cucumbers, melons, and aloe to repair your heels.

Tropical Bliss

Manicure – 20mins $10 Pedicure – 30mins $34
Kick off your shoe and escape to paradise with our citrus pedicure.

Stress Relief

Manicure – 20mins $10 Pedicure – 30mins $34
Created to help you relax, smoothed away and moisturize your skin and feet with the complex combination of cucumbers, melons, and aloe to repair your heels.


Manicure – 20mins $10 Pedicure – 40mins $36
Let all your cares slip away with lavender and a refreshing blend of peppermint and lemon for your “Little Soul”.

Lemon Drop

Manicure – 20mins $10 Pedicure – 40mins $36
A sweet, sugary and citrusy fresh lemon spa for the diva.


Manicure – 20mins $12 Pedicure – 40mins $42
Need a boost, try our rejuvenate treatment to get recharge with our relaxing peppermint & spearmint herbs and fresh mint.

Herbal Detox

Manicure -20mins $12 Pedicure – 60mins $42
Rich with antioxidants, green tea and rosemary help detoxify the body. Enjoy our organic Priti NYC product to help release your stress and detox your body!!

Chocolate Martini

Manicure – 20mins $12 Pedicure – 60mins $48
Enjoy soaking in our milk chocolate bath, with our sweet scrub, sugary and rich for the Perfect for any chocolate lovers!!!

Aloha Escape

Manicure – 30mins $14 Pedicure – 60mins $48
On this Island, soak in a topical bath with fresh slices of citrus fruits. Enjoy the luxurious, exfoliating treatment with “Crushed Pineapple and Coconut Sea Salt Scrub.” Enjoy your legs wrapped in a stimulating “OPI Papaya & Pineapple Masque” to detoxify, minimize cellulite conditions, and stimulate circulation.

Muscle Tension Relief

Manicure – 30mins $14 Pedicure – 60mins $48
This is the perfect treatment for sore, aching muscles, by soaking your hands/feet over warm stones will help relieve all your tension. Relax with our eucalyptus and rosemary bath oils, salt scrub and masque wrapped with warm towels.

Glamorous Treatment

Manicure – 30mins $14 Pedicure – 60mins $58
A fresh smelling floral indulgence designed to pamper the glamorous, soaked in rose petals with a rose and lavender, follow with a sugar scrub and masque wrapped with warm towels.